Aid for Ukraine
Aid for Ukraine

The staff of the "Education for Democracy" Foundation, which is the manager of the "Region in Transition" (RITA) Program, and the team of the "Study Tours to Poland" Program managed by the Jan Nowak Jezioranski College of Eastern Europe, joined the aid actions for the protesters at Euromaidan.


This includes direct support for people at Maiden and for the injured who were taken to Poland, and either are being treated in hospitals or have already been discharged. These actions are carried out in cooperation with the Civic Committee of the Solidarity with Ukraine (


Since the end of January, the "Education for Democracy" Foundation has also been conducting a public fundraising action for the injured and the oppressed in Ukraine.


Donations can be paid to the following dedicated bank account:

Fundacja Edukacja dla Demokracji

ul. Nowolipie 9/11

00-150 Warszawa

account No: 18 1240 1037 1111 0010 4591 0813

(permission for public fundraising No: 41/2014).


The raised funds will be used first of all for the purchase of medicines, medical expenses, dressings and food for people treated in hospitals in Poland and in field hospitals at the Kiev Maiden and other Ukrainian cities. They will also serve to support people engaged in activities for democratic transformation in Ukraine and their families. So far PLN 400,000 has been raised.


Special funds for pro-democratic actions and grass-root civic processes in Ukraine may also be ad hoc made available directly in both PAFF programs mentioned above, namely "Region in Transition" (RITA) and the "Study Tours to Poland". In the beginning of March, the "Study Tours to Poland" Program will cover the costs of a visit to Warsaw by Ukrainian analysts, who will take part in think-thanks’ meeting on situation in Ukraine, held by the Polish Institute of International Affairs.


The objective of the "RITA" and the "STP" programs is to support democratic and political transformation in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia by sharing Polish experiences.


Graphic: The Education for Democracy Foundation