More than 1,000 tablets will go to libraries
More than 1,000 tablets will go to libraries

The objective of the “Tablets in Your Library” competition is to create the additional Internet access points, as well as extend the library offer and make it more interesting. This in turn shall result in attracting new users and promoting a new form of readership.


As many as 651 libraries that have participated in at least one of the following initiatives: the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round of the Library Development Program, “About the Library Finances”, “The Library as a meeting place for many cultures”, “Innovation zone”, “Work it out with the Library”, the LABiB network”, “Information for Citizens – CyberNavigators in Libraries”, have submitted their applications to the competition.

318 Libraries selected by the competition commission will obtain a total of 1262 Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi tablets (that is 3-6 per a library) with accessories (such as frame-rack, LASSO sensor, alarm control panel, and stereo headphones with a microphone), a two-year warranty and an external risk insurance as well as 90-day free Apple phone technical support.


The libraries that will obtain the tablets are obliged to make them available free of charge and appoint a staff member to act as the project coordinator.


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Joanna Lempart-Winnicka