The first stage of the Entrepreneurship Olympics is over
The first stage of the Entrepreneurship Olympics is over

Over 15,500 students from almost one thousand secondary high schools took part in the first stage of the 12th round of the Entrepreneurship Olympics that was held on December 1. The slogan of this round of the Olympics is “Leadership in Business”. This huge group of young enthusiasts of entrepreneurship had to do a test checking their knowledge in economy, management, psychology and business practice.


The awards to be won by the Olympics participants are admission to public economic universities and other prizes.


The test in the school stage of the Olympics consisted of 50 questions. To answer them the participants had to have knowledge not only in economy and management but also in areas connected to the this year’s slogan of the competition, that is leadership in business.


Already 2 hours after the competition had ended the key to the answers was published on the Olympics website. This way the participants themselves could check if their answers in the test were correct. The program of electronic protocols prepared by the school competition commissions allows to assess swiftly the score thresholds system that decides on qualifying to the next stage of the Olympics. The thresholds will be announced on December 6, that is within 5 days after the competition. At the same time the preliminary results of the school competition will be published which shall allow participants to assess with high probability already at this early stage their chances to qualify to the regional stage and make their planning of further learning easier.


The final results of the school stage of Olympics shall be known on January 11, 2017. It is planned that as many as 1,250 participants will compete in the regional qualifying round. They will compete on March 2, 2017 and only 50 of them will be invited to the finals. The school level test and other information about the program can be found at:  


The Olympics is organized by the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education, while universities of economics such as Warsaw School of Economics and universities of economics in Katowice, Kraków, Poznań and Wrocław are the co-organizers. These universities make the qualification procedure significantly easier for the finalists and winners of the Olympics. All participants of the regional level shall be entitled to take part in the e-learning course on business start-up, receive the publications of the Diffin Publishing House and invitation to the exam for Young MBA Certificate.


Also the winners’ teachers and schools will be honored. As “thank you” gifts for their involvement in the project, the tutors will receive prizes. Their schools of winners will receive the publication packages which shall help their students prepare to the Olympics in the next school year. The special award funded by company, an interactive board, shall be awarded to selected by drawing school of the Olympics participants at the regional level, while all these schools will receive from a 50% discount for a year-long Antyściąga anti-plagiarism software license and the system implementation. Additionally, at the start, 25 schools from small towns and villages from which the biggest number of participants applied will be awarded with a book on the subject related to the slogan of the Olympics 12th round.


The results of the Entrepreneurship Olympics have been considered in the All-Poland High Schools Ranking prepared by the Rzeczpospolita daily in cooperation with Perspektywy weekly.


The Olympics is co-financed by the National Bank of Poland and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation acting as the Olympics Strategic Partners, and gets a subsidy from The Ministry of National Education. The Olympics is supported among others by Difin Publishing House,, the Educational Enterprise Foundation, Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Employers of Poland, the Association of Enterprise Teachers and Economic Education and the Student Forum Business Centre Club. The media patrons are Głos Nauczycielski,, NBPortal and Interklasa.


Source: the Office of the Entrepreneurship Olympics, tel. 22 564 9725