“PROJECTOR – Student Volunteers” has a new Program Manager
“PROJECTOR – Student Volunteers” has a new Program Manager

Following the agreement between the Polish-American Freedom Foundation (PAFF), the Foundation for the Development of Voluntary Service and the Educational Enterprise Foundation concluded on December 29, 2016, FEP will be the new manager of the “PROJECTOR – Student Volunteers” Program.


The “PROJECTOR – Student Volunteers” Program has been implemented since 2003. The Polish-American Freedom Foundation is its author and founder. The program is aimed at equalizing educational opportunities for children and youth living in rural areas and small towns. Within the program groups of several student volunteers implement educational projects they have prepared to develop knowledge, skills and interests of children and youth. The projects are implemented in free time during the school year as well as during summer vacations and winter breaks. The projects involve a specific field of knowledge, a subject or a selected area of activity; they can be for example classes in fine arts, sports, information technology, theater, or linguistics.


By promoting positive role models, the program encourages pupils to develop their skills, while at the same time it shapes university students’ sense of social responsibility and allows pursuing their passions and interests in an attractive way.


Since 2003, in all program editions, a total of over 30,000 educational projects have been carried out in 2,127 schools all over Poland, involving more than 12,000 student volunteers and 300,000 pupils.


“Implementation of our program objectives takes place in partner cooperation with Polish NGOs which we entrust with administration of individual initiatives of the Foundation. At the same time we try to assure that our programs, which usually are of a long-term nature, complement and strengthen each other,” Radosław Jasiński, PAFF Program Director says.


The Educational Enterprise Foundation, established in 1991, has successfully managed scholarship programs that first of all increase access of young people from villages and small towns to university studies and ensure Polish students high level of education so that they can compete effectively on the job market. It is the manager of the Bridge Scholarships Program initiated by PAFF in 2002, under which a total of over 20,000 scholarships have been awarded.


“Many Bridge Scholarship holders are volunteers of the ‘PROJECTOR’ which allows them to pursue their own passions through educational projects for children and teenagers. The most active of them have a chance to benefit from the Polish-American Internship Initiative (PAII) and do summer internships in prestigious companies in the USA,” Kamil Wrzos from the Foundation for the Development of Voluntary Service says.


“PROJECTOR and the Bridge Scholarships Program have been cooperating for years. Both initiatives have a big potential and will complement each other very well. Securing good education, building socially responsible attitudes, promoting volunteering among students – we want the values of these programs to go hand in hand. We hope that the synergy between both initiatives will help ‘PROJECTOR’ develop under our management,” Dr Zofia Sapijaszka, a member of the Management Board of the Educational Enterprise Foundation notes.


For more information contact:
Anna Nowak, PR Specialist, the Educational Enterprise Foundation
tel.: (42) 632 59 91; (42) 631 95 58; mobile: 660 223 851


The program’s website: www.projektor.org.pl