The 4th edition of “PROMENGO” is on
The 4th edition of “PROMENGO” is on

On February 2, 2017, a lecture given by Prof. Andrzej Blikle inaugurated the 4th edition of the “NGO Managers” (PROMENGO) training program of the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation (FAOO).

The undertaking, managed by the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation as part of the broader “Support for NGOs” Program, is a training course addressed to the third sector management staff. It is carried out in the blended-learning form combined with stationary and on-line learning and practice.



The present 4th edition of the program financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation will be held for 51 participants. Among them are both managers of nationwide foundations and associations and leaders of local organizations active in rural communes and small towns.



The important element of Prof. Andrzej Blikle’s lecture was the idea of “turquoise” self-organization. The concept, whose idea was drawn from Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux, means a specific model of work organization that can be implemented both in commercial companies and non-for-profit organizations. It consists in giving up the hierarchical structure of management, motivation systems and competition. “The companies and organizations that apply this model of management can achieve above average efficiency , also the business one,” said Prof. Blikle.


The participants of the opening ceremony could also benefit from the offer of stationary training seminars in marketing, fundraising and strategic planning.



The next meeting will be on finance management, team and project management, legal issues, and building interpersonal skills. The course program provides for 280 hours of learning, half of it stationary and the remaining half – of independent and group on-line work as well as performing the assigned tasks.


The recorded lecture by Prof. Blikle on a turquoise organization model will soon be available at the FAOO free-of-charge e-learning platform:


by Andrzej Pietrucha, FAOO

Photos: Anna Liminowicz