“Act Locally” in Ukraine
“Act Locally” in Ukraine

Three Act Locally Centers were awarded grants for projects based on experiences of the “Act Locally” Program that will be implemented in partnership with Ukrainian organizations.


The grants, in the amount of PLN 16,000 each, were awarded to the following Act Locally Centers:


The Czajnia Association for the “Regranting in Wasylków” project implemented in cooperation with “Alians of Good Issues” organization from Wasylków. The project objective is to transfer experiences in organization of grant competitions aimed at activating local communities as well as preparing the Ukrainian organization to play the role corresponding to that of the Act Locally Center.


The Land of Odra River Forests Association for the “Tri-sector partnership as a foundation for democracy and development” project implemented in cooperation with Jaworowszyzna „Gostynets” Association from Nowojaworowsk. When developing the strategy of establishing the tri-sector coalition in Jaworów, the project will draw on the 15-year experience of the Land of the Odra River Forests Partnership.


The Biłgoraj Local Fund for the “Tools for studying social capital in Ukraine” project implemented in cooperation with the Czerwonogród Foundation, under which various methods of studying the impact of local NGOs activities on social capital development will be tested.


The grants were under the “Global Challenges Local Solutions” project co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation as part of the “Region in Transition” (RITA) Program. The project is managed by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland in cooperation with the Ukrainian Foundation Ednania. On the basis of experiences gained during implementation of the “Act Locally” Program, such elements of the model as local philanthropy development, carrying out local grant competitions, fundraising, organization of voluntary service, and local partnerships building will be implemented in Ukraine. The long-term objective of the initiative is to start the process of establishing a stub of the NGO network in Ukraine, modelled on the one built by the Polish Act Locally Centers.

More information about the “Global Challenges Local Solutions” project can be found at: www.localsolutionsfund.org


Joanna Lempart-Winnicka