Students from Wrocław best in management
Students from Wrocław best in management

Students of economics and management from universities all over Poland contested in "Enterprise, Finance, Management" competition held in Łódź on May 18-20. As in previous year, the winner was the team of Wrocław University of Economics. The members of best 5 teams received attractive financial prizes. PAFF was sponsor of prizes.


“The competition is a great way to check in practice the theoretical knowledge gained at university. The teams deal with problems that are faced by companies, they must present solutions and carry out business negotiations,” says Zofia Sapijaszka of the Enterprise Education Foundation, the competition organizer.



The competition was held in stages. On the first day, 13 teams worked on scenarios of taking over or cooperation of companies in heavy industry machinery repair sector. Five teams qualified to the next stage, and on the second day, they were preparing a presentation with which they had to win a strategic partner for a new social project. In the last, third, stage two teams had to negotiate according to a scenario prepared by experts, and the Wrocław University of Economics team turned out to be the winner.



The members of 5 best teams received the following prizes:


The 1st degree award in the amount of PLN 2,500 (per each team member) was won by the Wrocław University of Economics, Faculty of Management, Information Systems and Finance,


• The 2nd degree award in the amount of PLN 2,000 (per each team member) was won by the team of University of Gdansk, Faculty of Economics,


• The 3rd degree award in the amount of PLN 1,500 (per each team member) was won by the team of Kozmiński University in Warsaw – College of Management and Finance,


• The 4th degree award of PLN 1,000 (per each team member) was won by the team of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Economic Sciences and Management


• The 5th degree award of PLN 750 (per each team member) was won by the team of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economic Sciences.


“The students had to cooperate within teams with clear division of responsibilities, present their abilities to select relevant information, analyze complex problems and think in critical and creative way,” says Zofia Sapijaszka.



An additional educational advantage of the competition were seminars for students, held every day after the competition stage had ended, where members of the Competition Committee and the students analyzed possible solutions of the tasks and shared their knowledge.


The competition was supervised by the Competition Committee composed of academics and experts. As every year, the chairman of the Committee was Prof. Jerzy Dietl. The competition was organized by the Educational Enterprise Foundation, and the prizes were funded by the National Bank of Poland and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

Contact persons:
Media information – Anna Nowak, PR specialist, tel. (42) 632 59 91; mobile. 660 223 851
Project coordinator – Zofia Sapijaszka,Ph.D, Member of the Magamenent Board, tel. (42) 632 59 91; (42) 631 95 58


Source: Educational Enterprise Foundation