Jubilee "English Teaching Market"

Held annually already for fifteen years "English Teaching Market" educational meetings are for teachers from schools in villages and small towns an opportunity to improve their teaching skills and knowledge of teaching methodology, as well as integrate.


This year’s jubilee meeting participated by over 500 participants was opened by Barbara and Krzysztof Margol from the “NIDA” Development Foundation and Jerzy Koźmiński, the PAFF President. The inaugural lecture was given by Professor Hanna Komorowska.


In his address, Ambassador Jerzy Koźmiński stated that the key factor that was decisive for the “English Teaching” program success is the involvement of teachers who participate in it and at the same time co-create it.



In turn Krzysztof Margol, the President of the “NIDA” Foundation (the Program Manager) emphasized that it is an honor to have an opportunity to cooperate with such a big number of excellent teachers from over 600 villages and towns is a distinction: “We have visited almost all these places and met people who are very willing to teach, struggle for children, their successes, motivation and support from their families,” Krzysztof Margol said.



Professor Komorowska-Janowska pointed to the role of English teachers who not only teach language and motivate to learning it but also inform students about other cultures and lifestyles and as a consequence help them understand the world better.


During the inauguration specially honored were people and institutions that have been co-creating the shape of the program for almost seventeen years, including the members of the Advisory Group as well as institutions and publishing houses cooperating with the “English Teaching” program.


The attraction of the jubilee evening was a performance in English given by students of the junior high school in Bircza, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, who are implementing a foreign language project under the eye of Tamara Ryzner, the “English Teaching” Program Ambassador.



The intense three-day series of workshops and training sessions was a perfect occasion for the teachers to improve their knowledge, gain new skills but first of all – as the participants agreed – a good inspiration and an opportunity to establish new contacts. Among other things, the participants could learn how to use new ICT tools for teaching, how to teach pronunciation, use elements of games, and raise funds for events supporting English teaching. Traditionally, open presentations were an opportunity for participants to learn about educational projects implemented by other participants of “ET” program.



During the breaks, the English teachers visited stands of exhibitors and the meeting Partners where they could learn about educational materials, NGOs activities and assistance programs under which schools can apply for additional funds for implementation of educational projects.


For the next "English Teaching Market" we invite you next year.

To date over 7700 people from all over Poland have attended the "English Teaching Market" meetings. The event was organized by the “NIDA” Development Foundation, as part of the “English Teaching” program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.


The “English Teaching” program was launched in 2000. Its main objective is to support activities aimed at improving the level of teaching and learning English in small towns and villages, as well as making English attractive to pupils, students and all local communities. At the same time, the program contributes to professional development of English teachers from schools in small towns and villages. Among other things, the program offers methodical training, possibility to participate in small grants competition as well as training and individual couching.


More information at: www.englishteaching.org.pl


By Jarosław Kilon, the “NIDA” Development Foundation