Enrollment to the Affiliated Act Locally Centers Network is on
Enrollment to the Affiliated Act Locally Centers Network is on

The ALC Network will soon be extended with new Affiliated Act Locally Centers. Since mid-July, organizations that want to join Act Locally program and are ready to launch local grant competition with their own funds or those locally acquired based on the program standards may submit their applications.


The “Act Locally” program objective is to support and activate local communities in villages and small towns through supporting citizens’ projects that are aimed at raising developmental aspirations and the quality of life improvement, and at the same time contribute to building social capital. The program partners are Act Locally Centers, that run local grant programs and hold annual competitions under which they select citizens’ initiatives that meet diagnosed needs of local communities from villages and towns of up to 20,000 inhabitants.


Organizations that decide to apply to the program shall meet the standards defined in the program Rules and Regulations; among other things they should have their registered office in a village or a town of up to 50,000 residents, and their main objective should be broadly conceived development of local environment. Participation in the program entails numerous advantages both for an organization which becomes an ALC (including the opportunity to participate in offered training sessions and workshops and substantive support) and its partners (in particular local governments, business and other NGOs it cooperates with.) An important ALC task is to secure the program financial stability; therefore the necessary ability of an organization applying to become an ALC is its skill to raise funds. Detailed information about the competition requirements are available in the Competition Rules and Regulations.


The recruitment is carried out on an on-going basis. It is planned to select 2 to 4 organizations which will join the Network as the Affiliated ones. The organizations will be selected systematically and in the beginning of 2018 they will go through the series of training sessions on carrying out local grant competitions under the “Act Locally” program. Starting from 2018, each year the Affiliated ALCs will carry out Act Locally grant competitions at the local level, together with the present ALC Network members.


“Act Locally” is the biggest grant program of Polish-American Freedom Foundation. It is managed by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland. To date, over 8600 projects have been implemented under “Act Locally” program, worth a total of almost PLN 72 million. Currently, the ALC Network consists of 66 organizations which cover 579 municipalities and rural communes.


More information at: www.dzialajlokalnie.pl


By Kalina Grzeszuk-Zajączkowska