“Equal Opportunities 2017” – Regional Grant Competition
“Equal Opportunities 2017” – Regional Grant Competition

The objective of the “Equal Opportunities” program is to foster equal opportunities for a better start on the road to adulthood for students aged 13-19 years by improving their competencies and developing their social skills. The program is addressed to young people from villages and small towns.


The Regional Grant Competition supports projects implemented by the NGOs that help young people develop:


- the ability of appropriate assessment of the environment in which they are growing up by including them into the process of learning their local community and analyzing their weak and strong points;


- the ability to win the social support through establishing new social contacts (with individuals and institutions) as well as development of teamwork skill;


The NGOs, centers of culture, libraries as well as informal groups of adults from the rural areas and towns of up to 20,000 residents can apply for grants of up to PLN 8,500 for implementation of projects carried out for at least six months, that will be launched not earlier than on February 1, 2018 and completed not later than on August 31, 2018. Preference will be given to those projects that will have additional funding of at least 20 percent of the project value (obtained from other sources or in form of own financial contribution). The organizations which are currently implementing other projects under the “Equal Opportunities” program are not eligible to obtain support under the present competition.


The applications shall be submitted using electronic application system available at www.rownacszanse.pl. The deadline for applications is October 21st.


To obtain more information please contact the Polish Children and Youth foundation, the program manager, at tel. (22) 826-10-16 or email address: rownacszanse@pcyf.org.pl.


The competition’s media partner is the Non-governmental Portal ngo.pl.




Przemysław Zaroń, photo: PCYF