New academic year at the PAFF and UW School of Education
New academic year at the PAFF and UW School of Education

On August 21, 2017, the ceremony of 2017/18 academic year inauguration was held at the PAFF and UW School of Education. The School prepares graduates of Polish studies and mathematics to be professional teachers. During one year of intensive studying, they improve their subject and pedagogical knowledge.


The ceremony was attended by representatives of institutions that founded the School of Education, students and staff.


“In democracy the most important is a man, a citizen aware of his rights, who knows how to make the right choices. A teacher is the first person who can guide them. Therefore it is no wonder that PAFF has decided to invest in programs which address the issue of teacher training, “ said Radosław Jasiński, the PAFF Program Director during the inauguration ceremony.



The PAFF and UW School of Education was established in 2016. “After the first year we know that it was a very good idea which fits UW and PAFF missions very well. We want to educate the future elites of that country, also the elite of the teaching profession,” said Prof. Jolanta Choińska-Mika, UW Vice-President for Students and Quality of Education. “Regardless of what is the place of teachers and education in public debate nowadays, they are people who believe in some sustainable elements that build societies, and it would be good if they made a joint effort,” Prof. Choińska-Mika added.



“If you take seriously our invitation, we will not leave you alone. PAFF has many new programs and offers many new opportunities, challenges, meetings with people who think in a similar way to you. Together with University of Warsaw, we offer you an adventure of a lifetime,” Radosław Jasiński told students at the end of the ceremony.


The PAFF and UW School of Education offers an innovative program of postgraduate (full-time) studies for future Polish and math teachers. It was established thanks to cooperation of PAFF, UW, Foundation for Quality Education, Center for Citizenship Education Foundation and with substantive support from Teachers College, Columbia University. The course of study combines closely theory with practice (320 hours) and its graduates get the teaching license.


Source: the PAFF and UW School of Education