Join the technological leaders network!
Join the technological leaders network!

The enrollment to the team of “Sector 3.0” Mobile Advisors is on. That is the last open enrollment to the network which for five years has been supporting continuously organizations that are using new technologies.


Participation in the network gives an opportunity to improve coaching skills, gain new knowledge and… participate in interesting trips to regular meetings of the Mobile Advisors, as well as prestigious Polish and foreign conferences. Today the network is made up of 70 people but by the end of the year it shall be joined by next 30 members.


Mobile Advisors – who they are and what they do
The Mobile Advisors are a group of experts in new technologies operating all over Poland. They are good at information and communication technologies and are willing to help other organizations. Their task is to share their knowledge, good practices and advise in choosing hardware suitable for a given organization. Typically, it is consultation in the following areas:

  • Technologies in project management;
  • Online fundraising;
  • Promotion in social media;
  • Applications useful in organization’s everyday functioning;

A Mobile Advisor gives ca. 20 pieces of advice to organizations per year and organizes 2 training workshops to share his knowledge that is useful for participants in their everyday operating. At present, 70 active individuals operate within the network.


Profile of an ideal Mobile Advisor
The most important in the future Mobile Advisors’ work is their passion for new technologies. They should know them and know how to talk about them. Thanks to participation in the program, each Mobile Advisor will have a chance to improve his or her skills, both in digital issues and knowledge communication, conducting training sessions and public speaking.


If you have technical skills but have never had any contact with the environment of non-governmental organizations and other institutions, the program will offer you:

  • Training in coaching and interpersonal skills;
  • Integration and networking with local organizations;
  • Exposure on the Internet site;

If you are active in the Third Sector but you don’t have many technical skills, you’ll be given an opportunity to:

  • Improve regularly your ICT expertise;
  • Participate in Webinars that will improve your technological knowledge and skills;


An ideal candidate for the Mobile Advisor position shall:

  • Be active in his or her local community and like helping people;
  • Be interested in new technologies;
  • Be willing to improve his digital skills;
  • Have experience in knowledge sharing;
  • Be open to cooperation with non-governmental organizations and other institutions;
  • Feel the need to introduce changes and help others at a local level;

A candidate must be at the age of over 16.


If you think you meet at least one of the above criteria, apply right now; during your training course you will gain the remaining skills and you’ll be able to support your local environment!

30 people will be qualified to the program. They will be selected from among those who will take part in 2 training sessions to be held on:

  • November 17-19
  • November 30-December 2

The enrollment in on from September 11 to October 20, 2017 r. The results will be announced on October 26. Should you have any additional questions, contact:


The Mobile Advisors operate within the “Sector 3.0” Program, an initiative of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. Its manager is the Information Society Development Foundation.

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By Filip Żyro, Photos by FRSI