Take advantage of the Internet application allowing to visualize activities undertaken within the following PAFF programs on the map of Poland:
- Act Locally
- English Teaching
- Equal Opportunities
- The Learning Schools (LES)
- PAFF Leaders
- PAFF Local Partnerships
- Library Development Program
- PROJECTOR – Student Volunteers
- Financial Management for NGOs (FIMANGO)
- Citizen and Law
- Region in Transition (RITA)
- Pro Publico Bono Competition
- The Citizen and Local Government
- Village in Transition (VITA)
- Village in Transition: Developing Information Society (e-VITA)
- The Training for Health Care Managers
- The Transparent Community Action and Transparent Poland Forum
- Transparent Poland
- Flood 2001
- Flood Relief Program


The application allows to search for a particular program (or programs) on the list and display the results on the map of Poland based on the following criteria:
- period of time (years)
- location, with the possibility to select a voivodeship, district, commune and locality.


The PAFF Programs’ Map is available in Polish and English.


The PAFF Programs’ Map application