The aim of the "Privacy policy" is to explain why the website of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation uses cookie files and how the user can decide on the conditions of using cookie files.


What are cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on the device which is used to browse the website. In case of a repeated visit to the Foundation’s website, cookie files allow for tailoring the website to its user preferences. The basic functions of cookie files are customization of the content of websites to better fit the user preferences and making it possible to gather website visitor statistics.


Cookie files used on the PAFF’s website

The cookie files used on the PAFF's website are used only to: 

  1. Choose the language version of the site,
  2. Store the identification of the session in the Content Management System,
  3. Gather visitor statistics of the website.

Cookie files used on the PAFF’s site do not cause any changes in the configuration of the device used to browse the content of the site nor the software installed on that device.


How to delete or disable cookies?

The default settings of the web browser usually allow for cookie files to be stored on the end device of the user. According to Article 173, par. 2 of the Telecommunications Law Act (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland as of December 21, 2012, item 1445 ) leaving the default settings of the browser after receiving information that the website is using cookie files is synonymous with accepting the use of cookies.


The user can change the default settings of the web browser in order to block cookies from being stored on his device.