Program Brochure

Program Brochure

Brief presentation of the Foundation’s programmatic activity, as of 2016.


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The program is addressed to schools, teachers and non-governmental organizations. Through training and grant competitions, it supports efforts aimed at improving the quality of English language teaching to children and youth from small towns and rural areas. As part of the program, the annual nationwide meetings for English teachers are held. The most active teachers – the “Ambassadors of the Program” – have a chance to implement their own projects. They also promote the program and teachers’ networking.
Program Manager: The “Nida” Development Foundation


A system of support for local initiatives aimed at equalizing educational opportunities for comprehensive development of children and youth from small towns and rural areas. The program consists of cyclical grant competitions as well as training and regional forums allowing to exchange experiences between NGOs and other entities involved in projects educating and training the children and youth.
Program Manager: The Polish Children and Youth Foundation


The purpose of this program is to improve the quality of Polish education through the use of the best foreign models. It promotes cooperation in teachers’ teams, self-evaluation, and improved teaching and assessment methods. Schools develop organizational solutions best suited to their environment, monitor the outcomes of their activities and share best practices. Under the program, post-graduate studies for school principals and interactive Internet courses for teachers are provided. Particular emphasis is placed on schools in rural areas and small towns.
Program Manager: The Center for Citizenship Education Foundation


The objective of the program, implemented jointly with the University of Warsaw, is to prepare candidates to teacher profession. At present, this one-year postgraduate full-time studies that closely combines theory with practice are addressed to graduates of MA/MSc studies in Polish language and math. The innovative curriculum was developed in cooperation with Teachers College, Columbia University.
Program Manager: The Foundation for Quality Education


The idea behind this program is to tap into the intellectual potential and activities of university students in order to help create equal educational opportunities for children and youth from small localities. This is achieved by having groups of student-volunteers carry out educational projects at schools during their free time.
Program Manager: The Foundation for the Development of Voluntary Service


A joint undertaking by various organizations and firms, addressed to talented high-school graduates from rural areas and small towns, that enables them to receive scholarships for their first year of academic study. Scholarship holders who do very well in their academic pursuits have also a chance to obtain assistance for subsequent years of study: for the second year (the “Top Student” competition), corporate scholarships for the third and fourth year, scholarships through the “Study Abroad” initiative and doctoral scholarships. The program also includes language scholarships and workshops preparing scholarship holders for the job market as well as foreign internships (the “Polish-American Internship Initiative”).

Program Manager: The Educational Enterprise Foundation


The objective of this program is to stimulate social energy of the senior citizens. It is carried out at two different levels: the “Seniors in Action” grant competition, under which senior citizens come up with an idea and carry out projects for the benefit of their local communities and intergenerational integration as well as support for the Third Age Universities through training opportunities and mini-grants for cyclical volunteering activities.
Program Manager: The Association of the Creative Initiatives “ę”


An information and support system for Polish NGOs and civic initiatives. It includes the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Portal, the free Infoline 801-646-719, a database of organizations and institutions, the portal and the “Third Sector” quarterly, published by the Institute of Public Affairs. The program also offers training, counseling and publications on NGO management (“FIMANGO”, “PROMENGO” and platform). Furthermore, it supports non-governmental organizations with information and advocacy efforts designed to help them effectively obtain EU funds as well as monitors the activities for system regulations of free access to civic and legal counseling.
Program Managers:

The Klon/Jawor Association (“MIS@NGO”)
The Civil Society Development Foundation ("FIMANGO")

The Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation (“PROMENGO”)


The grant competitions organized by the network of Act Locally Centers (ALC) lend support to various initiatives of non-governmental organizations and informal groups that activate communities of small towns and villages, foster developmental aspirations, contribute to building the social capital and in consequence improve the quality of life. Successive ALCs are selected through a competition. The Foundation also supports the “Benefactor of the Year” competition which promotes the social involvement of companies in local community development ( PAFF is also the main partner of the “Civic Leader of the Year” competition.
Program Manager: The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland


The aim of the program is to broaden knowledge and skills of non-governmental organizations’ employees and activists in practical use of modern information and communication technologies. The program comprises several components: educational, which is implemented through the Internet networking site; promotional, under which the „Sector 3.0” conferences and meetings in the TechClub network are cyclically held; consultative, which lends support through training and consultations provided by the so-called Mobile Advisors; and financial, in the form of grant competitions for the group of selected NGOs.
Program Manager: The Information Society Development Foundation 


The objective of this program is to support the development of skills and qualifications of individuals working for the benefit of their communities. This is achieved mainly through the use of the tutoring method. The program is addressed first of all to active participants in projects financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The leaders take part in a series of customized training sessions. The offer for the program alumni, aimed at further improvement of their leadership skills, allows them to obtain grants to improve efficiency of conducted activities, participate in domestic and foreign study visits or attend meetings with prominent public figures.
Program Manager: The Foundation School for Leaders


This is a Nationwide Competition for the Best Civic Initiative. Prizes are granted for the most valuable and interesting activities of NGOs, thereby supporting and promoting them. The prizes are funded by PAFF. Under the program, the Foundation supports also the Bolesław Wierzbiański Competition for local newspapers.
Program Managers:

The “Pro Publico Bono” Competition Foundation (2000-2014)
The Local Press Association


The main objective of the program carried out until April 2015 in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting public libraries in rural and rural-urban areas as well as towns with population of up to 20,000 inhabitants in their transformation into multifunctional centers which provide access to information, culture and education, and at the same time stimulate active citizenship. Thanks to the support lent to almost 4,000 libraries, residents of villages and small towns have a chance to improve the quality of their lives. An important part of the program is strengthening librarians’ competence and professional prestige.
Program Manager: The Information Society Development Foundation


The purpose of the program is to initiate and develop cooperation among beneficiaries of various PAFF programs that establish Local Partnerships involving other local organizations and institutions, as well as entrepreneurs, self-government bodies, and media into implementation of partnership projects responding to diagnosed local community needs. Their activities, using the method of animating local communities worked out in the program, contribute to consolidation of the social capital through the synergy of experiences gained in the implementation of various initiatives.
Program Manager: The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland


A scholarship program for young leaders from Eastern Europe as well as the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Through the two-semester post-graduate studies at Polish universities and practical internships, they have an opportunity to learn about Poland’s transformation experience and Poland’s road to European Union membership.
Program Manager: The Education for Democracy Foundation


This program supports initiatives of Polish non-governmental organizations involved in sharing Poland’s experience in various aspects of transformation and the development of cooperation with partners in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The program includes grant competitions, training opportunities and experts’ support, as well as assistance in establishment and development of cooperation with foreign partners.
Program Manager: The Education for Democracy Foundation


The study tours to Poland, implemented since 2004, are to show the realities of Poland and the European Union to active citizens of East European countries, in particular student leaders from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Moldova and professionals from those and other countries of the region. During their visit to Poland, the foreign visitors meet representatives of public life, academic and business circles, they learn about NGOs’ activities as well as operation of central institutions and local governments. They also establish valuable contacts.
Program Manager: The Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe