„English Teaching” z nagrodą European Language Label
“English Teaching” awarded European Language Label

The “English Teaching” program founded by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and managed by the “Nida” Development Foundation was awarded the European Language Label – prestigious European quality certificate in language teaching. The certificate is awarded for innovative methods of teaching and promoting methodological and didactic achievements. In Poland it has been awarded since 2001.

Jubileuszowy „English Teaching Market”
Jubilee "English Teaching Market"

“The key factor that was decisive for the “English Teaching” program success is the involvement of teachers who participate in it and at the same time co-create it,” said Jerzy Koźmiński, the PAFF President & CEO who on June 26 opened the 15th round of the biggest in Poland meeting of English teachers.

English Teaching Market 2016
English Teaching Market 2016

The 14th English Teaching Market conference, held in Stare Jabłonki near Ostróda on June 27-29, was attended by over 400 English teachers from rural areas and small towns. The inaugural part of the meeting included also a lecture titled "Is teaching English an art, a science or a craft?" given by Jeremy Harmer, a well-known author of English coursebooks, coach, and teaching methodology expert.

Introduced in 2000, this program launches and supports activities that promote the English language as well as improve the quality of English teaching to children and teenagers in small towns and rural areas. Thus it also promotes their equal access to educational opportunities. At the same time, the program contributes to the professional development of English language teachers working in small localities.

“English Teaching” is an undertaking designed to promote the study of English as well as stimulating and developing a variety of civic initiatives. Their results often transcend the original goals and frequently stimulate activity of local communities. The program's actions are mainly addressed to English language teachers at public elementary and junior high schools as well as kindergartens in rural areas and small towns. The program’s offer includes training for teachers and it provides them with the possibility to carry out small projects along with consultancy in their preparation.

Within the program’s editions to date, conducted in 2000-2016, 864 projects were funded in grant competitions addressed to schools and non-governmental organizations from localities of up to 20,000 inhabitants. As a result, clubs of admirers of Anglo-Saxon culture and English language, little libraries of English-language books and press as well as theater circles were set up in many schools. Numerous contests of knowledge about English writers, culture and history as well as song festivals were held. Children and young people had a chance to watch English-language films in their original versions and take part in lessons conducted by native speakers. More than 64,000 students and approx. 4,000 teachers directly participated in the projects financed within the grant competitions. Indirectly they engaged over 165,000 parents and other members of local communities.

The program includes “Weekends with English Teaching” methodological training sessions for English language teachers in localities with a population of up to 20,000 inhabitants. So far, 121 such training sessions have been conducted with more than 5,500 teachers participating.

The most active teachers participating in the program have a chance to expand their qualifications at a three-week Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Summer Institute, organized by Gonzaga University in the USA.

Under the program, 15 annual nationwide “English Teaching Market” meetings have been organized for teachers of English and interested institutions, organizations, schools and publishers. A total of approx. 7,000 people have participated in them. The meetings are aimed at the development of cooperation networks of English-language teachers from small localities and are additionally supported by the community portal and regular e-news on other educational initiatives such as grants, training sessions and competitions.


In 2015, under the initiative of the English Teaching Program Ambassadors (the most active teachers participating in the program), the “English Teaching” All-Poland English Teachers Association was established, whose objective is to carry out professional training for English teachers, especially those from villages and small towns, as well as advocacy activities on behalf of them.

The Foundation has disbursed $7,257,555, including $715,010 for the current edition of the program.


Program Manager:
The “Nida” Development Foundation
3 Rzemieślnicza St., 13-100 Nidzica
tel. (48 89) 625-36-51, tel./fax (48 89) 625-36-62
e-mail: et@nida.pl
website: www.englishteaching.org.pl


Responsible within PAFF:
Renata Koźlicka-Glińska (Program Director),
in cooperation with Agnieszka Mazur (Program Officer)