Nowi Liderzy PAFW
New PAFF Leaders

On May 11, the “PAFF Leaders” Program Council selected 41 active social leaders - participants in the twelfth edition of the initiative. Their individual development programs will be supported by 11 experienced tutors.

Lider PAFW laureatem Nagrody im. Ireny Sendlerowej „Za Naprawianie Świata”
PAFF Leader won the Irena Sendler Award for Repairing the World

The award granted by the Center for Citizenship Education and the Association of the Children of the Holocaust honors the teachers who educate students in the spirit of tolerance and respect for others, as well as inspire to activities in line with these principles and play an active role in the school and their local community. This year the award went to Jakub Niewiński from Murowana Goślina, the teacher conducting antidiscrimination classes, and a “PAFF Leaders” program alumnus. The ceremony was attended by Minister of National Education Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska.

Na dobry początek kadencji – spotkanie Liderów PAFW
For the good start of the term of office – meeting of the PAFF Leaders

The PAFF Leaders who won a seat in the last local elections met at the Polish-American Freedom Foundation seat on February 6 and 7, to share their experiences from the electoral campaign and work for the local government. The special guest on the first day was Minister Olgierd Dziekoński, Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the President of Poland.

The objective of this program, implemented by the School for Leaders Foundation, is to support the development of skills and qualifications of individuals working for the benefit of their communities. This is achieved mainly through the use of the tutorial method which involves the regular cooperation of an experienced tutor with a local leader.

The program is addressed to active participants of projects financed by various programs of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation: “Act Locally”, “Equal Opportunities”, “English Teaching”, “Region in Transition” (RITA), “PAFF Local Partnerships” and the Library Development Program.

The core part of the program is a twelve-month cooperation between a leader and a tutor coupled with a series of training sessions adapted to the participants’ needs and priorities, which primarily focuses on interpersonal development planning, team building, managing an organization, communication, community involvement and building local partnerships. The skills acquired in the program help leaders undertake activities benefiting their local communities.

An essential component of the program is the offer for program graduates – the “Alumni Initiative”, which serves cooperation and experience sharing. It provides an opportunity to participate in meetings with well-known figures of public life and in workshops adapted to alumni needs. Also, within the alumni initiative fund, the participants may obtain grants for carrying out projects. Through the electronic newsletter alumni regularly receive information about current undertakings carried our within the program. Leaders may also exchange experiences during annual meetings of participants as well as via civic portals.


Since 2008, study visits of selected leaders to the United States have been organized as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program in cooperation with the American Embassy in Poland. In 2016, another group of leaders and tutors participated in such a visit.


As a result of the program's eleven editions the qualifications of 541 local leaders from all over Poland have been improved, and an active nationwide network has emerged. In addition, more than 60 tutoring experts have been trained. In the 12th (current) edition, which began in 2016, 41 leaders and 11 tutors are participating.

The Foundation has disbursed $4,189,221, including $327,061 for the current edition of the program.

Program Manager:
The School for Leaders Foundation
12A Wiejska St., 00-490 Warsaw
tel. (4822) 556-82-50, (4822) 556-82-54, fax (4822) 556-82-51


Responsible within PAFF:
Radosław Jasiński (Program Director)
in cooperation with Mirosław Czyżewski (Program Officer)